How many times did you happen to have swarfs or aluminium residues as a result of the cleaning of the profiles that interfered in the painting phase of the profile or that filled the anodizing tanks?

And how many times have you received complaints from End Customers because the profile was not perfectly clean?

To eliminate this problem that has plagued the major extruders for a long time, GPS has developed an innovative system that allows you to obtain clean profiles from aluminium residues in a fully automatic way.

Often, work performed manually by the operator does not guarantee optimal standard effectiveness.

In order to optimise the production cycle and improve effectiveness, we have combined synergistic operations of blowing and suction to clean up the profile. This allows the subsequent phases of painting or anodizing to proceed without slowing down and to fill the tanks with chips, while maintaining a high quality of the profiles.

The advantages of this system?

– Minor anodizing tank maintenance

– Certainty of the cleaning result

– More efficient process

– Reduced need for labour

– Satisfied End Customers

We would love to discuss it further, what about you?