Settembre 6, 2022

The Scrap Disposal Solution, especially for Automotive Products

GPS has developed a machine that allows the automatic evacuation of scraps and samples profiles without slowing down the production cycle, indeed speeding it up, and […]
Settembre 9, 2022

Innovative BB communication System

Global Plant Service S.r.l. was the first manufacturer of aluminium extrusion machinery to use the innovative BB communication system to replace Wi-fi, antennas or optical devices. […]
Settembre 21, 2022


How many times did you happen to have swarfs or aluminium residues as a result of the cleaning of the profiles that interfered in the painting […]
Settembre 21, 2022

Rockwell Automation Partnership

Following our long experience gained during the years and thanks to the excellent collaboration with Rockwell Automation, Global Plant Service has been awarded with the GOLD […]