Centralized management of aluminium scraps System

⚠️ What if we told You that all the aluminium scraps of Your extrusion plant can be managed in one fully #automated solution?

A single conveyor collects from different machineries and transports everything in specific boxes according to the different alloys; right after, aluminium #scraps are weighed accurately and then emptied inside appropriate containers.

The #advantages of this system?
👉🏻 Manual operations by operators are eliminated, as are transports by forklift or crane across the hall;
👉🏻 Scraps sorting is more efficient and faster;
👉🏻 The filling of containers is maximized and homogeneous, in order to take full advantage of the available space.
👉🏻 Being in a restricted and safe area, this fully automated process brings significant improvements to the plant also in terms of safety.

Our #centralized management of aluminium scraps system ensures the best weight/volume ratio since the filling of containers is standardized with the aim of #optimizing loads for following transports to foundries.