Global Plant Service is an industrial partner that makes use of many years of experience, nationally and internationally for engineering, production, installation, commissioning and management of industrial plants in the aluminum sector. (Extrusion Plants and Packaging)

Our base of operations is in the province of Brescia and thanks to our Partners and our purchasing techniques we are able to offer technical support at an excellent quality / price ratio.

G.P.S. is the best matched Partner to understand and manageyour Industrial Plants in the best possible way thanks to the experience of our technicians, the assistance service and the after-sales service with advantageous conditions of efficiency and economy.

We are waiting for you to evaluate our technical proposals and offers!


Global Plant Service SRL was founded in 2010.

The aim was to create a company capable of designing, manufacturing and marketing high quality extrusion systems and automatic packaging lines for aluminum profiles.

Global Plant Service Project started the business by investing in the design of new equipment with the aim of launching it on the extrusion market and offering technical support and spare parts to customers.

The ability of Global Plant Service is to generate added value for its customers through the engineering of new equipment, creating new solutions in a limited time has led Global Plant Service to be widely recognized and appreciated on the market as a company able to provide high quality products quality and value service.

The Global Plant Service, which uses an accurate engineering technology, can produce equipment using the most advanced technologies available today in the world on the market and provide high quality products at competitive prices.

At Global Plant Services we pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge of our technicians and employees, PLC software experts and machine service support, which provides after-sales support to help customers achieve maximum performance and efficiency.

Global Plant Services are financially accredited by the banks with which they operate and considered to be economically strong and reliable.

Global Plant & Service
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Brescia industry

The economy of Brescia is divided between industries, commerce, crafts, services, agriculture and tourism. The city, however, is mainly driven by the secondary sector, in fact the local Confindustria, the Industrial Association of Brescia (AIB), was the first industrial association founded in Italy on April 14, 1897.

The companies operating in the province of Brescia are 90 000 strong, metallurgical industry is very important, Since the '70s has seen the so-called District of the "tondino", which included the territories of the lower Val Trompia, which is still active today with many companies scattered throughout the province. There are also several industrial groups in the city, including the Lucchini Group, the Feralpi Group and Camozzi, Metra.

The emerging industries in Italy in recent years are the industries specializing in aluminum extrusion, although this is one of the most abundant metals on earth, its processing is not so common and dates back to just over 200 years ago. Probably this fact is due to the need to separate it from the minerals in which it is contained and in the past was considered a precious metal, with a value higher than that of gold. Now the extrusion system in the world consists of 1800 plants with a total capacity of about 30 million tons of profiles. Italy is the second biggest market for extrusion with a production of about 610 tons; an interesting fact is the growth of the importance of the internal demand for extrusions in the most advanced applications.

Only in Brescia there are 28 presses that produce a total of 250,000 tons of profiles every year. The most important industry that produces profiles are Metra, Eural Gnutti and Estral.

Aluminum extrusions are an important resource for the global market, they are used for cars, windows, lighting and infrastructures. Extrusions can be useful and innovative throughout.

For our customers

Our goal is to create new products that significantly improve the competitiveness of our customers on the market and provide high-level technical solutions.

To be an attractive company, we invest in research and development, highly customized productions and customer-oriented logistics processes.

Global Plant Services have an excellent set of prospects thanks to the on-board knowledge of its employees, its size and its ability to cover the market internationally, its financial strength and its high degree of flexibility.

The Global Plant Service meets the high expectations of the aluminum extrusion industry, balancing the quality and economy of production by implementing the production process with the flow of improvement.

In addition to using the latest technologies, this means continuous optimization of internal processes.

Global Plant Service adopts a new concept of engineering that uses advanced processes and systems and high quality materials of the best brands, internationally recognized.

All our production process is entirely "Made in Italy" to guarantee testing and certification of each production phase.


G.P.S. Your Industrial Partner