Stacking system for baskets


    The stackable basket system has the function of stacking baskets full of aluminum profiles for the preparation of the maturing oven charge.

    The machine is equipped with clamps for fixing the baskets with an implementation safety system for electrical and mechanical devices, the basket can never be released unless in a parking position.

    The whole system works in automatic preparation for charging the aging oven.

    The following types of stacking systems are available, which can be divided according to the type of plant:

    • Type of lifting system with stackable basket.
    • CRANE type stackable.

    The LIFT system rack lifting system automatically moves the baskets under the loading position, where the baskets will be parked and stacked one above the other on the bearings at the entrance of the maturing oven up to a maximum capacity of baskets for each group of conveyors of the entrance furnace.

    The CRANE type of stacking basket system automatically brings the baskets under the loading position onto the conveyors and stack them on top of each other on the bearings at the entrance of the curing oven.

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