Innovative BB communication System

Global Plant Service S.r.l. was the first manufacturer of aluminium extrusion machinery to use the innovative BB communication system to replace Wi-fi, antennas or optical devices.

It is suitable for all machines that have an onboard power supply system (power bus bar power line), and in the specific case of GPS we’re talking about machines as Double Puller, Synchronized Hot Log Saw, Stretcher Machine, Automatic Cranes and Automatic Transfer Basket.
The various advantages of this new BB Communication System are:
– the considerable ease of installation compared to today’s Wi-Fi technologies used in industry;
– configuration problems related to the network are eliminated;
– signal disturbances and the risk of possible light disturbances are eliminated;
– problems related to magnetic and metal interferences are eliminated;
– problems due to the periodic alignment of traditional optical systems are avoided.

It has already been installed and tested on various extrusion lines, and the feedback was immediately very positive.